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TOR Universal Control Software (UCS)

tor_poster_soft TOR Universal Control Software (UCS) is a central point where you can manage all your unmanned vehicles. It does not matter whether you have one drone or a fleet Tor Universal Control Software will suite your requirements. With our software you can*:.


  • keep the register of all your unmanned aerial, ground vehicles and payload
  • plan missions on a digital 3D/2D map of the real world. Map can be built upon standard data types: WMS-services, DEM, KML, Shape, KMZ with embedded COLLADA
  • get an optimized route with obstacle avoidance and no-flight-zones for each your vehicle
  • draw initial route plan in less than a minute using simplified set of tools: waypoints, shoot the area, shoot the building
  • specify additional actions to control your drone or payload like: wait or loiter, set POI, change payload attitude, make panorama shooting, take-off or land
  • control the surrounding air traffic with ADS-B support
  • control the elevation profile along the route
  • calculate radio frequency line of site zones
  • get telemetry and payload data during mission runs
  • keep telemetry data storage for further analysis and replay
  • broadcast video payload data over the RTSP protocol
  • develop missions that involve more than one vehicle
  • work in a multi-operator environment
  • connect not only TOR Q4 Drone but also any MAVLink-compatible vehicle
  • extend support to other vehicle and payload control protocols
  • scale the software deployment from single operator to a large enterprise with dedicated central control server and remote clients for operators
  • deploy software components on different platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS.
* some features are ready but some of them will be released by the end of 2013

Our software is based upon the years of unmanned vehicle operation experience. We specially designed it to bring the power of unmanned solutions to different areas of civil operations:

  • Security applications
  • Firefighters
  • Search and rescuers
  • Mapping
  • Cinematography and entertainment
  • Real estate photography
  • TV and news
  • Power line, pipeline, cable inspection
  • Monitoring, support
  • Border surveillance
  • Coastal mapping
  • Aerial Terrain Mapping
  • Disaster site monitoring and mapping
  • (Fire, Flood, Storm, Hurricane, Tsunami, Tidal Surge, Volcano, Eruption, Earthquake, Nuclear accident etc.)
  • Railway truck inspection
  • Agriculture
  • Marine Monitoring
  • Forestry management and research
  • And many other application


TOR Universal Control Software (UCS)
 is not only the out-of-box product but also a powerful platform that can be customized and extended upon your special request.

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Carbon fiber body, TOR Autopilot, 6 motors, TOR Universal Control Software, Propellers (8), Basic Battery, Battery charger, Transmitter /Receiver, Remote control, Case


Cameras are not sold separately. Only available as a set with a Q4 Drone.

 None MicroCam-U MicroCam-DUL Orion HawkEye MicroCam-D


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