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“The robotics market, one of the most promising and fastest growing markets today”


Until now, many investment companies only narrowly looked at the market of robotics, but after the Facebook IPO it became clear that investing solely in the Internet and IT companies has exhausted itself. Now it has become more evident that robotics is trend of the future, which should be the investment thinking of today.



We are not interested in projects where the only motivation is sales without further development. Development proceeds only with innovation, many World Class companies have proved that position.

Our team is formed into a single unit of professionals of the highest level, now we still need that one last person that will complete the team – A strategic investor who shares our views on the company’s development and involvement and with that, development of a new generation of robots.

We already have a first version of our ideas and plans in place, a phased development plan for the next year, a long-term plan for the next two years, a team of professionals and a demand for our products that is growing on daily basis, and in addition – the latest achievements in science and advanced materials.
We are looking to the future and are focusing on what will be in demand tomorrow, which propels our company to the level of an industry trendsetter. The Future is ours for the taking.

We know the cost that goes into the manufacture of our products and the time and price of developing our ideas, which is invaluable during the development of the market. The investor we are looking for will only be oriented towards the future and just as us, will believe in the right direction of their investment.

Please explain your understanding of the growth of the venture, if you wish to discuss a possibility of funding this project with us.

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