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Are you going to support mobile OS?

Yes, Android and iOS will be supported soon.

What operation systems do you support?

Windows, Linux, MacOS are supported.

What is the deployment model?

We package all software components into a single installer. By default everything is being deployed on a same machine. But in custom mode you can launch installer on different machines and install VSMs, UCS and client separately;

Can I connect device that is not supported by TOR UCS out of the box?

Yes, you can. If your devices employs a control protocol that differs from default set you can develop your own VSM. We developed our universal protocol between UCS and VSM on top of MAVLink semantics. So, if you familiar with MAVLink you can developer your own VSM;

How does it possible that your software support so many kinds of devices?

Well, we did a lot of work to develop a technical architecture that provides levels of abstraction. Literally it means that a flight plan that you've developed be means of a client application is being converted on UCS to a universal control protocol developed by our team. Then it transferred to a corresponding VSM and VSM itself converts it into device specific commands set;

What kind of vehicles are supported out of the box?

We support the following types of vehicle protocols: Microdrones (waypoints and downlink), MAVLink, TORRobotics. So, any device that supports those protocols can be used with our software. For example you can use Microdrones MD4-200, MD4-1000, ArduCopter, Arduplane, ArDrone with MAVLink module, TORRobotics Q4;

What is the structure of the software?

We dedicate three layers: vehicle specific modules, universal control server, client. You can deploy them on single machine or install each layer on a dedicated computer;

What is the structure of the software?

We dedicate three layers: vehicle specific modules, universal control server, client. You can deploy them on single machine or install each layer on a dedicated computer;

Is it possible to plan missions using geographic map?

Yes, it is.The core of our client application is a mapping engine that supports 3D and 2D perspectives. Map supports all popular data sources: WMS, SHAPE, KMZ, SRTM, GEOTIFF;


I’ve noticed that automatic route planning adds some additional points. Is it possible to switch off the obstacle and terrain avoidance and upload my route as-is?

Yes, every drawing tool has an option to switch obstacle avoidance off. In this case route will be sent to device as-is. But, please note, that automatic obstacle avoidance provides many safety options and should not be switched off deliberately.

Is there a way to draw a spiral around the building?

Yes, there is an appropriate drawing tool. You have to select building and set the loop step;

I’ve set 20 points and forgot to set the speed values, is there any simple way to set it at once?

Yes, you can hold the CTRL button and select multiple points. Go to point inspector and fill the flight speed attribute;

How to set speed for the drone?

You have to select a figure and fill the flight speed attribute.

How to set a point on the map?

You should press SHIFT and then press left mouse button. While you hold left mouse button you can pull the cursor UP and you’ll change the height of the point;

What is the trajectory type?

In a “straight” mode the shortest path is selected. In a “safe” mode if first point is lower than the second, than drone should climb to the altitude of the second point then move horizontally. If first point is higher than the second then drone moves horizontally and then descents vertically (or by spiral in case of plane);

Are there any ways to set failsafe behaviour for the flight plan?

Yes, there several options: trajectory type, action on loss of GPS, action on loss of RC signal, action on battery discharge and ability to set home location;

What is the difference between the altitude origin modes “above sea level” and “above ground”?

In a “above sea level” mode all height values a treated as those above zero level of the sea. In case of “above ground” all heights are relative to the underneath terrain;

What is a mission?

Mission defines the goals of your unmanned operation. Mission unions flight plans for one or many vehicles. When operator adds new flight plan to a mission he has to select vehicle and optionally select a payload. Then he draws the route using such primitives like waypoints, area, circle, building selection;

What is the default password for admin account?

It is “admin” and you can change it on the operators section.

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