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Welcome to the Tor Robotics at AUVSI 2013

The TOR Robotics Team has made great progress over the last year fine tuning the development of a fully autonomous drone.  Our team has put together a system capable of piloting your detailed missions without the need for a pilot from takeoff to landing.  Our unit is not designed for remote flying.  That’s right, FULLY AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS!!
At Tor Robotics, we manufacture high quality VTOL drones.  Our machines do not use any off the shelf products.  Each of our customers specifications are built into the units based on job requirements using high quality hand selected components.  We work directly with you to make sure the product is manufactured to the specifications desired and guide you through the entire process from picking the configuration, through assembly and implementation.  Once your system is in place our team is there to provide the necessary support to keep your system running.
Tor Robotics is a small company dedicated to providing a top quality product with the best service possible.  Products are produced in the USA with care one at a time.
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Enjoy the show!
TOR Robotics Team